Why this blog will be updated more and pessimistically.

I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I can’t keep in time with a beat, or ever notice the “four chords” of music even when it’s pointed out to me. Like movies, books, television and anything else where there’s been a written dialogue at some point, I do know what something’s supposed to sound like. I wouldn’t be getting a degree in Screenwriting if it wasn’t the most important facet to me. It’s become a running joke within my family that I hate all movies. This is not true. I exist in a setting where my taste is long moments of introspection on train rides whereas mom and sister’s are filled with laughter over an Adam Sandler joke. I have not seen a movie labelled as a comedy that I’ve genuinely liked. That’s come out recently, at least. I’m a huge fan of Animaniacs and Mystery Science Theater 3000. I even have a soft spot for 13 Going on 30. I want to figure out what makes me hate the things that I do, because it is a lot. I’m the worst person to have a Netflix movie night with because of this.

Starting soon (hopefully!) I want to get back on this blog and just lay bare my thoughts and feelings towards movies in multiple genres. Why I’d rather watch Minions over 13 Reasons Why any night, to the annoyance I have over romantic comedies and their endings, and just in general reviewing movies on a broader scale.

I hope you’ll stick around for it. Until then, see you guys and dolls later x





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Why I Need Patreon Support.

  • I’m still living at home and my parents are having to help me with paying for classes. I want to be able to at least do this on my own without worrying about how I’m draining their wallets as well. My sister is a senior this year and their focus should be on paying for her college. Not mine. Moving out is my ultimate goal, of course. If not that then I’d be just as happy to pay for my school things.
  • Since I’m currently independent publishing, I’m subjected to CreateSpace’s limitation of paperback. I would love to afford hardcover copies of my books!
  • On that note, I have books lined up that need illustrators I can’t afford. Let the Birds Breathe was done by a very generous friend of mine that I won’t ask to do work for free again. I want to make a beautiful fantasy story and, eventually, a video game.

A Thank You: Conclusion

Whatever you can donate is unbelievably kind. Every dime or dollar is going to something that will help me achieve one of the three goals above. This is something that I have been aspiring to do for as long as I can remember. Child me is squealing at the fact that she gets to try and be one of the authors she read about constantly growing up. I am working as hard as I can so all of her dreams can come true and your donations are the applause that keeps pushing me.

Thank you.

Tatum Layne